A/S                     abbr. for "aksjeselskap" = 
                        share company
aar                     (see "år")
aarlig                  (see "årlig")
aandelig takkalter      spiritual altar of thankfulness
aanne                   (see "onne")
aasæde                  (see "åsete")
absolvere               to give absolution (religious)
absolverte              absolution
adel                    nobility
adelig                  noble
adelsmann               nobleman
adjunkt                 secondary school teacher
adkomst                 (see "tilgang")
adkomstbreve            letters of admission
adlet                   to be raised to the nobility
adoptere                to be adopted
adoptert                adopted
adresse                 address
adtschilligt            (see "atskillig")
advare                  to caution
advokat                 lawyer, solicitor, attorney
Aebleskiver (Poffertjes)see Danish pancakes
Æbleskiver (Danish)     Epleskiver (Norw.)
aegtefaelle             (see "ektefelle")
aegteskab               (see "ekteskap")
aetten                  (see "ætten")
af                      of, by, at, from (archaic)
afdøde                  (see "avdøde")
aften                   evening
afgange                 (see "avgang") (archaic)
afgaaende               (see "avgående")
afgaar                  (see "avgår")
afsked                  (see "avskjed")
agent                   agengt, representative, general 
                        agent, commercial agent, 
                        mercantile agent
agentur                 agency, operation
agerland                (see "åkerland")
agronom                 graduate of an agricultural college
akantusskurd            literally "acanthus converted timber", but probably 
                        means "acanthus carving" in this case. This is a kind
                        of (imitated) decorative carved 
                        motifs used in classical Greek and 
                        Roman architecture.
aksjonærar              shareholders
aktivitetar             activities (nn)
ald.                    abbr. for "alder"
alder                   age
alderdom                old age
alderdomssvakhet        weakness of old age
aldersheimbestyrer      Manager of Old Peoples Home
aldri                   never
alfarvei                road open for public
alle                    all
alle fra                all from
alle i faderens brød    all in the father's bread"; which 
                        simply means that all are supported 
                        by the Father
alle til hobe           both of them together, all of them, 
                        the whole lot
alltid                  always
allmenning              common, common or commonable land
                        (see also "almenning")
                        can also be a street. ref in Bergen 
                        e.g. Torgallmenningen almenning   
                        forest og grazing land that several 
                        farms have the right to Access and use.
                        The land may be public or privately 
                        owned (see also "allmenning")
almisse                 charity or alms
almisselem              indigent, poor, charity recipient
                        person who receiving charity
almueskolen             public school
altså                   consequently, therefore, accordingly
                        you say
                        then, so, well, do, ergo
alter                   alter
altergang               communion
alvorlig                serious
amanuens                assistant
ambulansesjåfør         ambulance driver
amme                    to nurse
amt                     administrative district / county (archaic)
                        since 1918 the word "fylke" has been used
                        (see "fylke")
amtkommunens            county's (as in belonging to the county)
amtingenieurposten      county engineer position
amtmann                 chief county administrator (archaic)
                        county governor
                        county magistrate
                        (see "fylkesmann")
amtsforvalter           District Revenue Officer
                        county administrator
amtskole                county school
anden                   (see "andre") (archaic)
andregutten             the other (second) boy = andre gutten
anciennitet             (see "ansiennitet ")
ansiennitet             seniority, length of service
ane                     ancestor
andre                   others, other, next
anetavle                pedigree chart
anfall                  seizure, attack
anføre                  record
anførte                 entered, mentioned
ankomst                 arrival
anledning               cause, reason
anleggsarbeidar         (see " anleggsarbeider)
anleggsarbeider         working on foundation
anlægger                constructs
anmaerkning og kundskap notes about knowledge
andmeldt                notified
anmelderens navn        reporter's name
anmerkning              remark, notice, note
anmærkning              (see "anmerkning")
annen gang              second time
annen, annet            second, another
annet (also ymse)       misc.
anlegg                  construction, plant, set-up
anno (Latin)            year
annonsere               publish, announce
ansat                   (se "ansatt")
ansatt ved              employed by
anse                    consider
ansett                  of (high) standing, well thought 
                        of, respectable
ansette                 appoint, engage
ansikt                  face
ansjos                  anchovy
anskaffe                get, obtain
anslag                  estimate, valuation
ansvar                  responsibility
Antagelig i sindsforvirring    
                        Probably in a fit of insanity."
antall                  number, count
antfam                  number in family (abbr used in 
                        several sources)
AOF                     (Arbeidernes Opplysningsforbund) = 
                        League for Workers Education
AP                      (Arbeiderpartiet) = Laybor party
apostelgods             land that originally belonged to the
                        Apostel church in Bergen
                        and leased out to farmers
apostelgogset           (see "apostelgods")
apotek                  pharmacy
apoteker                pharmacist
april                   April
arb                     abbr for "arbeider"
arbeidar                (see "arbeider")
arbeide                 to work
arbeider                laborer, worker
arbeiderske             female worker
arbeiderkone            worker's wife
arbejdskarl             (see "arbeidskar")
arbeidskar              (see "arbeidsmann")
arbeidsleder            supervisor
arbeidsmand             (see "arbeidsmann")
arbeidsmann             male worker or laborer
arbeidsterapeut         occupational therapist
arkiv                   archive
arkivinformasjon        archive information
arkitekt                architect
arm                     poor
armod                   poverty
        amthuusgaarden  prisoner in the county jail
artelerist              Soldier
arv                     inheritance
arveavgift              inheritance tax
arvegods                hereditary estate, heirloom
arvejord                inherited land
arvelodd                share of inheritance
arveløs                 disinherited, without right of inheritance
arvesak                 probate proceeding
arveskatt               inheritance tax
arveskifte              distribution of probate estate
arvestykke              heirloom
arving                  heir
arvtagere               heirs
assessor                assistant judge (archaic)
astma                   asthma
at                      that
atskillig               considerably
atten                   eighteen
attende                 eighteenth, back
attest                  certificate
attunder                back under
attverande              (see "resterende")
attværende              (see "resterende")
attåt                   in addition, additionally
attåtnæring             subsidiary income, extra income
audn or audne           abandoned farm (frequently used as 
                        name of a farm that was
                        abandoned during the Black Death)
august                  August
auk.                    abbr. for "auksjon"
auksjon                 auction
auksjonsprotoll         auction records
av                      of, at, by, from
avbrote                 (see "avbryte") (nn)
avbryte                 break off, interrupt
avdeling                part, division, department
avdelingssjef           department manager
avdi                    (see "fordi")
avdø                    die
avdød                   dead, deceased, departed, late
avdøde                  the deceased
                        the departed
avdødes arving          beneficiary of the deceased
avgaaet ved døden       the person is dead
avgang                  death, demise
avgangen                departed
avgift                  duty, (monetary), fee
avgrensa                (see "avgrense") (NN)
avgrense                limited
avgå                    retire
avgående                departed or resigned
avhandling              thesis, dissertation
avhold                  temperance/abstinence
avis                    newspaper
avisforvalter           newspaper manager
avkom                   offspring, issue
avling                  harvest
avmønstre               to sign off (maritime use)
avsked (få avskjed)     be discharged
avsked (ta avskjed)     retire
avskil                  (see "avskjed")
avskjed i nåde          be honourable discharged, retire
                        take leave
avskjed                 resign, quit, departure
avskedsord              parting word
avskriftene             copy, transcript
avslog                  refused, denied
avtale                  agreement



b.                      abbr for "barn"
beststed.               abbr for "bestemmelsessted"
bg.                     abbr for "bondegods"
Bg. or Ber.             abbr for "Bergen" city on the southwest coast of Norway
bl.a.                   abbr for "blant annet"
br.                     abbr for "bruk"
br.                     abbr for "bruker"
br. heile g.            abbr for "bruker hele garden"
bs.                     abbr for "busett"
B.F.                    abbr for "barnefader"
bill. bet.              (see "billett betalt") (abbr.)
baadsmand               (see "båtsmann")
badedrakten             swim suit
baaret                  (see "båret") (archaic)
bage                    (see "bake") (archaic)
bager                   (see "baker") (archaic)
bageri                  (see "bakeri") (archaic)
bagerdreng              (see "bakerlærling" (archaic)
bagermester             (see "bakermester") (archaic)
bagersvend              bakerapprentice
begge forældre          both parents.
bakbygning              back building, an additional
                        residence behind main building
bake                    bake
baker                   baker
bakeri                  bakehouse, bakery
bakerlærling            assistant on a backery
bakermester             master (master in the bakers guild)
baketter                back in time, previously
bakke                   hill
barmhjertige Samaritan  Good Samaritan
baneformann             foreman  at the railroad
banevaktar              (see "banevokter")
banevokter              lengthman
bank                    bank
bankkasserer            bank cashier
bankbogholder           bank accountant
bankfunksjonær          bank clerk
banksjef                bank manager
bannlyse                excomminicate
baptist                 Baptist
bar                     carried
bar barnet              held child (at baptismal font)
bare                    only
bark                    bark/barque (type of vessel)
barn                    child
barn u.e.
    (utenfor enkteskap) illigetimate child, child born out of wedlock
barna                   children
barndom                 childhood
barnamme                a woman who helped taking care of 
                        small children
                        ?? Would not this indicate that she 
                        gave milk to the newborn when the 
                        mother did not (or if it was high 
                        class; would not) produce milk for 
                        the newborn baby herself
barnebarn               grandchild
barnebarnsbarn          great-grandchild
barnedåp                baptism, infant baptism, christening
barnefader              (see "barnefar")
barnefar                alleged father, putative father, child's father
barneflokk              crowd of children, family
barneflokkane           children groups
barnefordelingssak      custody proceedings
barnehjem               orphanage, orphan home
barnesanger             see Children songs
barneseng               childbed, cot, crib
barneskole              school, starts at 6; grades 1 
                        thorught 7
barnesykdom             childhood disease
barnet                  the child
barneviser              (see "barnesanger")
barneårene              childhood
barnlaus                (see "barnløs") (nn)
barnløs                 childless
barsel                  confined to bed
barselfeber             childbed fever
barselseng              birthing bed
barskog                 coniferous forrest (fir and spruce)
basketak                brush, tussle, scuffle
bauta                   stone monument
bautastein              (see "bauta")  (old viking)
be                      pray, request
bebodde                 occupied, inhabit
bebodde hus             inhabited houses
beboelseskontrakt       (see "føderåd")
beboer                  occupant, resident
bebyggelse              settlement, built-up area, 
                        buildings, houses, estate
                        hypertrophied regions
                        built-up area, urban area, urban 
bebygd område           developed area, built-up area
bededag                 prayer day
bedehus                 chapel, bethel
bedekammer              oratory
bedekke                 cover
bedendis kjede          chain of prayers
bedervet båd            damaged boat
bedrive hor             commit adultery
bedste                  (see "beste")
bedstefader             (see "bestefar")
befatte seg med         occupied with / deals with
befestet                fortified, consolidated
befolkning              population, people
begavet                 gifted
begravede               buried
begge                   both
begges 1. L             (see "begges 1te leiemål")
begge i 1ste ægteskab   both in first marriage
begges 1te ægtesk       (see "begge i 1ste ægteskab")
begges 1te leiemål      the first child born out of wedlock by both parents
begges stedson          stepson of both parents
begikk leiermal         commited adultry
begivenhet              event, occurence
begrave                 bury
begravelse              funeral, burial, The coffin was 
                        burried n the graveyard. 
                        Se also "bisettelse"
begravet                buried
begynnelsen             beginning
belg                    bellows, skin, hyll
belte                   belt, girdle
behandle                handle, treat, manage
behjelpelig             helpful, be of assistance to
bekrefte                (see "stadfesting")
bekreftelse             (see "stadfesting")
bemerkning              remark
ben                     leg, bone
benekte                 deny
bensinstasjon           filling station, service station, petrol station
benyttet                used
benåde                  pardon
beordre                 commanded, ordered
beregningsgrunnlag      basis for the calculation
berettiget              entitled
bergarbeider            mine worker
Bergenskanten           means the area around Bergen and is not the same as 
                        "Bergen Parish"
bergråd                 ???
bergverk                pit, mine
bergverksarbeider       worker at a mine, miner
besetning               livestock, crew
besigtigelse            examination
besittelse              possession
beskjeftige             employ
                        engage, occypy
beskjæftiget            (see "beskjeftige") 
beskrevet               described
beskrivelse             description
beslektet               related
besta                   (see "bestemor") nickname or shorten name
beslaegtet i 3die led   meaning that they were sharing the same great grandparent
bestaainde              (see "bestående")
beste                   the best
bestefar                grandfather
besteforeldre           grandparents
besdstemoder            (see "bestemor")
bestemor                grandmother
bestemt                 appoint, fix / decide, degre, destine
besten                  (see "bestefar") nickname or 
                        shorten name
bestående               existing
bestemmelsessted        place of destination
bestyrer                manager
besvangre               impregnate, get with child, m
besvangret av/av        made pregnant by
besøk                   visit
besøkende               visitor
Bet. i Amerika          paid in America (information 
                        connected to the emigration)
betale                  pay
betaling                payment
bevillings seddel       licence note
betalte                 paid
betenkelig              serious or unsafe
betiene                 (see "tjene")
betjene                 (see "tjene")
betjens                 (see "tjene")
betjent                 servant
betler                  beggar
bevilge                 grant, permission
bevilgning              grant, permission
bevis                   proof
bevitne                 vitne
bibliotek               library
bibliotekar             librarian
bikube                  beehive, hive
bil                     car
Bilder pr. side         pictures per page
bilmekaniker            motor mechanic
bilulykke               car accident
biletet                 (see "bilde")
billede                 (see "bilde")
bilde                   picture
billedhugger            sculptor
billett                 ticket
billett betalt          ticket paid
Billet fra Amerika      ticket paid in Amerika
bind                    volume (book)
biografi                biography
biologisk (far sønn...) biolgical father, son etc
birkebeiner             Birkebeiner, Birchleg, Birchlegger (historical)
bisette                 read the furneral sermony
bisatt                  interred
bisettelse              funeral service, when there was most was followed 
                        by a Cremation. 
                        When the coffin was downloaded to a 
                        grave, it was called "begravelse"
biskop                  bishop
bispedømme              diocese, see The Norwegian Church
                        bishopric = A ecclesiastical District
                        of administration which comprises all
                        parishes (prestegjeld) within a 
                        geographical area.
                        Headed by a bishop.
bisme                   see Roman balance, steelyard 
                        and How to use 
bjelkehugger            This was an occupation that was 
                        common before one had access to saws.
                        The timber beams in a house 200 - 300 years ago 
                        cut by the axe - Beam - Bjelke - then Bjelkehugger. 
                        The beams upstairs in my 1780 year house has 
                        been cut by axe. And they are linked together with 
                        wooden pegs.
BjørnEskytter           Bear Hunter, Bear shooter
blakk                   which is the usual color of the 
                        Norwegian Fjord horse - translates in English to *dun*.
Blakken                 usual the name of a horse.
blandkorn               mixture of two type of grain, 
                        usually oats and barley
blant annet             among other things
ble lest den            was read the...  (date)
blei                    (see "bli") (nn)
bli                     become
blikkenslager           tinsmith
Blikkenslagersvend      journeyman tinsmith
blind                   blind
blindgate               blind alley, dead end, cul-de-sac
blod                    blood
blodforgiftning         septicemia or bloodpoisoning
blodgang                dysentary
blodskam                incest
blokkedreier            a turner (maker) of blocks, as in 
                        block and tackle.
bløtkake                cream gateau
                        French pastry, tea fancy layer
bnr.                    abbr for "bruksnummer"
bo                      to live at
                        probate estate
                        in placenames it means farm
bodde                   lived
bodeling                statutory share of joint estate
                        division of property
bodkemester             (see "bøkkermester)
boede                   lived (archaic)
boets                   etate's
bogtroker               (see "boktrykker")
bok                     book
bokbinder               bookbinder
bokhandler              bookseller
bokholder               bookkeeper
boks                    can, box
boksen går              Kick the can (game)
boksel                  (see "bøksel")
bokstav                 letter, character
boktrykker              bookprinter
bolig                   residence, house
bonde                   farmer (the profession)
bondegods               land owned by the farmers themselves,
                        not by the king or the church
bopel                   residence, domicile
bopæl                   (see "bopel") (archaic)
bor                     lives, living
bordarbeider            works in a sawmill
borgarkrigssoldat       soldier in the Civil war
borgeimister            (see "borgermester")
borger                  citizen
                        resident of a city who had permission to engage in 
                        profession or trade
borgerbok               listing of all "borger"
borgerbrev              certificate of bourgeois status, see borger 
                        certificate of matriculation 
borgerlig ekteskap      civil marriage
borgerlig vielse        (see "borgerlig ekteskap")
borgermester            mayor
borgerskap              citizens, middle classes
borje på                (see "børje på")
born                    (see "barn")
borna                   (see "barna")
bosetting               (see "bosetning")
bosetning               settlement or taking up residence
bortfestet              contracted out
                        Bortliciteret for fattigkassens regning placed 
                        there at the home of the farmer offering the 
                        lowest price. Kind of a bidding.
bortreist               away from home
bortrømt                escaped
bortgang                death (of)
bortsatt                replaced in a new home
bortsett                (see "bortsatt")
                        apart from
bosatt                  settled, resident, risiding in, 
                        living at
bosette seg             to settle
bosted                  residence
bostedets navn          name of residence
bot                     fine
botsskatt               This refers to the confiscatorial tax by the name 
                        of "gjengjerden", levied on Bergenhus len by king 
                        Christian II in 1519/20, 1520/21 and 
                        1521/1522, every time claiming 10 per cent of 
                        the tax-payers net worth.
brann                   fire
brannmann               fireman
brannmester             fire chief, fire company officer
branntakst              fire insurance value
brannskatt              in 1730  fire tax
braut                   broke
brennevinsbrenner       distiller of spirits
brennevins-kjele        a kind of big kettle used for 
                        distilling of spirits.
                        These kettles were valuable because they were 
                        made of copper.
brenneri                Still or distillery
breandev.hdl            liquor dealer
brev                    letter (correspondence)
bro                     bridge
Brockmanns huspostil    Brockmann's Collection of sermons 
                        (for home use)
brod                    (see "brød")
broder                  brother (archaic)
brodersønn              brother's son (archaic)
broderdatter            brother's daughter (archaic)
broktilfælde            (see "brokk")
brokk                   hernia
bror                    brother
brordatter              brother's daughter
brorenke                brother's widow
brorsønn                brother's son
bru                     (see "bro")
brud                    bride
brudesvenn              sponsor of bride
brudgom                 bridegroom
bruk                    use
                        farm (note: the Norwegian farms were usually 
                        subdivided over the centuries into smaller "bruk". 
                        Each of these "bruk" were numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.
                        Many "bruk" were only about 5 to 15 a cres in size)
bruka garden            was the user of the farm
brukar                  (see "bruker")
brukarar                plural of "brukar"
bruker                  user of a farm
bruker heile garden     using the whole farm
bruket                  the farm
brukets navn            the name olf the farm
bruksfolk               those on a sub-farm
bruksnavn               Subfarm name
bruksnummer             subfarm unit number - Official number, part of 
                        the farm/farm
bruksnr                 (see "bruksnummer")
bruksparten             ????
bruksrett               the right to use a farm or part of
brun                    brown
brystduk                a part of a national costume. There 
                        is probably an English word.
                        It is a square cloth, usually 
                        embroidered or beaded, inserted 
                        inside the tunic - 'breast cloth'
bruttomidelen           "the gross fortune" or "the gross value of property"
bruttoformue            gross property
bryggen                 dock or wharf
bryggearbeider          dockworker
brygger                 brewer
bryggeri                brewery
bryggeriarbeider        brewery worker
bryllup                 wedding
brød                    bread
brødre                  brothers
brændevinsbrænderi      a destillery
budde                   (see "bodde")
budeie                  milkmaid
buffetjomfru            woman serving at a buffe
bukk                    male goat
bukker                  male goats
Bukkehorn               Pictures and information about Bukkehorn (ram or goat horn)
bukse                   pants
bunad                   Norwegian national costume
                        or Norwegian national costume
bumerke                 branding iron, branding mark or
                        Property Marks in Rural Norway
                        was used instead of signature, often by people 
                        that couldn't read.
                        It was fully approved in official 
                        contracts etc. 
                        Often carved out of wood, or made 
                        as a signet ring.
bundtmager              (see "buntmaker")
buntmaker               furrier
bur                     lives (nn)
bureisar                (see "bureiser")
bureiser                settler
buret                   (abbr for "stabburet")
busetjing               (see "bosetting")
busett                  (see "bosatt")
busette seg             (see "bosette seg")
buskap                  live stock
buskbeplantningen       the shrub planting
bustad                  (see "bolig")
butikk                  shope, store
butikkdame              saleswoman (in a shop)
butikjomfru             saleswoman, shopgirl
butikksjef              store manager
butiksvend              (see "butikkekspeditør") (male)
butikkekspeditør        shop assistant
by                      town, city
bydel                   part of the town
bygd                    small community, village, rural district, parish
bygdeallmenninga        community public
bygdebok                rural chronicles
                        see How to use a Norwegian "bygdebok" in your genealogy Research 
(John Follesdal)
                        see Bygdebøker - Bygdeboks (John Follesdal)
                        see A 'bygdebok' - what is that?  (Johan I. Borgos)
                        see Newbies notes
                        see Bygdebøker - Bygdeboks (John Follesdal) an other
bygdeborg               parish fortress
bygdefolk               country people, villagers
bygdevei                country road, lane
bygdelag                regional society
bygdesoge               (see "bygdebok") n.n.
bygg                    barley
bygge                   to build
bygget                  buildt
bygmester               (see "byggmester")
byggmester              Master builder, building contractor, builder
bygning                 building
bygningsarbeider        construction worker, builder, building worker
Bygningsmand            (see "bygningsmann")
bygningsmann            builder or carpender
bygningstømmermd        building carpenter
bygningsneker           (see "bygningssnekker")
bygningssnekker         joiner (in the building trade
bygningsstein           building stone
bygsel                  particular leasehold, lease
bygseltomt              leashold site
bygselbrev              written contract for the lease of land.
bygselmann              leaseholder
bygselen                the lease
bygsla                  past tense of "bygsle"
bygsle                  lease, let on lease
bygslet land            leased land
byksle                  (see "bygsle")
byll                    abscess
bygård                  block of flats,
                        US: apartment building, apartments
byhus                   townhouse
bymuseum                city museum
byrjinga                (see "begynnelsen)
byrå                    department
bystyret                city council
byxle                   (see "bygsle")
bytte                   change to
bære                    carry
bødker                  (see "bøkker")
bøgger                  (see "bøker") (archaic)
bøker                   books (plural of "bok")
bøkker                  A bødker is a cooper or barrel maker. Barrel worker                               bødkerarbeider) might denote a specialty within the
                        occupation of barrel making (?).
                        The wooden staves had to be curved, or bowed; the 
                        metal straps needed to be added after the wood was 
                        cured which would denote some talent With 
                        blacksmithing; lids for top and bottom had to be 
                        made. In old days they did not use metal.
                        There was several steps to making barrels in those 
                        About "tønne" see tønne
bødkermester            (see "bøkkermester")
bødkerøks               (see "bøkkerøks")
bøkkermester            master cooper
bøkkerverksted          copper's shop
bøkkerøks               rounding el. hollow adze
bøksel                  (see "bygsel")
bølge                   wave
bønn                    prayer
bønder og gaardbrugere  farmers
børje på                started with
børn                    (see also "barn") Children (in Plural) (archaic)
bøssemagerdreng         riflemaker's apprentice
bøtelagt                to have been fined
bøye                    buoy
bøxel                   (see "bygsel")
bøxelmand               (see "bygselmann")
bøxelbonde              (see "bygselmann")
bøxle                   (see "bygsle")
bære                    to carry
båd                     (see "båt") (archaic)
både                    both, either
bådsmann                boatswain
båret                   carried
bås                     stall, box, pen
båt                     boat, ship
båtbygger               ship builder
båtbygjar               (see "båtbygger")



cammerraad              litterally: chamber councillor, 
                        originally a title from the royal 
                        court depicting a nobleman close to 
                        the king, later on a pure honorific.
Cand. juris             Bachelor of Laws
cathechismesanger       songs praphrasing the contents of he cathechism-book                                  (Luther).
caut                    abbr for Cautionister (see "vitner") 
                        (see "forlover")
cautionister            (see "vitner")
                        (see "forlover")
cellulose               chemical pulp, which is the base for paper production
Chjirurgisk             (see "kirurgisk")
cirka                   approximately
ca.                     approx.
Cicelørlærling          (see "siselørlærling)
civilstand              (see "sivilstand")
Comunen                 (see "kommune")
communion               communion
confirmeret             confirmed
conduite                (see "snarrådig")
confirmerede            confirmed
constitueret            (see "konstituert")
contorist               (see "kontorist")
contrastefne            (see "kontrastevne")
copie                   (see "kopi")
cop.                    abbr. for "copulerede" (in churchbooks)
Copist                  transcriber
copulerede              marriage
copuleret               (see "copulerede")
cuur                    (see "kur")



d.                      abbr. for "død"
d.e.                    abbr. for "den eldre"
d.kr.                   abbr. for "døde omkring"
d.y.                    abbr. for "den yngre"
d.s.s.                  abbr. for "det samme som"
d.s.å.                  abbr. for "død samme året"
d.y.                    abbr. for "den yngre"
d.å.e                   abbr. for "død året etter"
d.å.                    abbr. for "det år"
dl.                     abbr. for "dalar"
dlr.                    abbr. for "dalar"
dvs                     abbr.  for "det vil si"
d.v.s.                  abbr. for "det vil si"
da                      then, when
Da æ var i Amerika      When I was in (visited/stayed in) America (dialect)
daab                    (see "dåp") (archaic)
daap                    (see "dåp") (archaic)
DaabsAttest             (see "dåpsattest) (archaic)
dag                     day
dagen før               the previous day
dagligstua              the living room
daglønnet               day pay earner
dagleie                 (see "daglønnet")
dagsarbeide             One days work
dagarb.                 (see "dagarbeider")
dagarbeider             day laborer; One who hasn't a steady job - 
                        takes what he finds from day to day
dagsarbeider            (see "dagarbeider")
dagarbeiderske          day laborer (female)
dagsregister            daily register (index)
dal                     valley
dalar                   old currency, see Old measurements
damask                  dornick
damefrisør              ladies' hairdresser
dampskib                steamboat (archaic)
Danmark                 Denmark
dannekvinde             gentlewoman
dannemand               gentleman
danse                   dance
danselaerer             male dancing teacher
dansk                   Danish
dass                    (see "utedo")
datamaskin              computer
datere                  to date (as in setting a date to something)
dato                    date
datter                  daughter
datterdatter            daughter's daughter
dattersønn              daughter's son
datum (Latin)           date
de                      they, those, the
degn                    parish clerk
dei gamle               the old ones
deira                   (their) (nn)
dekkmann                deckman, a workman employed on the deck of a vessel
dele                    to divide, to share
deling                  partitioning, dividing
delt                    partitioned, divided
delta                   take part, share, participate
                        attend a meeting
deltatt                 taken part
deltagelse              participation, attendance
deltager                (see "delta")
                        participator, participant
                        partner (in buisiness)
deltaget                (see "deltatt")
delvis                  partially
dem                     them, they
demitert                resigned, retired
den                     the, it, that
Den barmhjertige Samaritan The Good Samaritan
den eldre               the oldest
den lille               the small one, the young one (refering to small, 
                        young children)
Den Norske Kirke        The Norwegian Church; is a state church, and its
                        clergy are senior officials. The country is divided
                        into 10 bishoprics and the church is governed or 
                        guided by a Church Council or Consistory.
den yngre               the younger
den yngste              the youngest
denge                   (see "slå")
denne                   this
der                     there
deres                   their
deretter                subsequently
derfor                  therefore
derimod                 against (him)
desember                December
dessutan                in addition, besides, moreover
det                     it, that, the
Det bibelske regnebret  The biblical calculating board
Det nye testamente      The New Testament
det samme som           the same as
det samme året          same year
det år                  that year
det vil si              i.e.
dette                   this
dexelmand               (see "dikselmand")
diakon                  deacon, male nurse
Diakonissehus           An originally monastic nurse school, still in existence in 
difteri                 diptheria
diksel                  (see "bøkkerøks")
dikselmand              was an educated barrelmaker who controlled the fish barrels.
                        But ok, he was an educated barrelmaker, but with a controller 
                        A barrelmaker (see "bøkker")
diktargivnaden          gift of writing
dimmitert               disharged from military service
din                     your
din melding             your message
direktør                manager, director
direksjon               board of directors
disse                   these
disses børn             their children
dissenter               is a person that is a member of an other church society than 
                        the official State Lutheran Church of Norway. 
                        These persons are baptised in a dissenter church, 
                        eg. the Methodist church.
distrikt                district
distriktsjef            district manager
disktriktslege          medical officer of health. 
                        (In norwegian the english tittle sounds like something military,
                        but it's not)
ditto                   the same as above (in i.e. taxlists), se also "do"
diverse                 various
dixelmand               (see "dikselmand")
dixelmann               (see "dikselmand")
djevel                  devil
do                      toilett
                        the same as above (in ieee taxlists), se also "ditto"
                        (see also "utedo")
dodfodte                (see "dødfødt")
dode                    (see "døde")
dosent                  associate professor
doktor                  (see "lege")
                        may have a "Doktorgrad" in anything else but medecine
doktorgrad              doctor's degree, doctorate, PhD, DPhil (UK), Ph.D., D.Phil. 
                        (US), doctoral degree
dokument                document
domb                    (see "dom")
dom                     judgement (legal term)
                        ("see also "dum")
domkirke                cathedral
dommer                  judge
domprost                catherdral dean
domstol                 court of law
dorg                    trolling line (used in fishing)
dotter                  (see "datter")
dra                     to travel
                        to pull
draaps                  (see "drops")
dragon                  dragoon, light cavalryman
dragoon                 (see "dragon")
dram                    (see "drink")
dreiv                   ran, operated
dreng                   boy
drengebarn              male child
drengestubygning        servant's quarters
drepende                fatale, mortal
drev                    ran, operated
driftsjef               manager, leader of a company or an enterprise
driftsleiar             (see "driftsjef")
drink                   snifter
drive                   run, operate
driver sjøbruk          running a fishing business
dronning                queen
drops                   candy
drosje                  taxi (cab)
druknede                (see "druknet")
druknet                 drowned
dræbende                (see "drepende")
du                      you
du er ute               you are out!
Du var en mand          You were a Man
dugmager                (see "seildukmaker")
dum                     dumb, idiot, retarded
dydig                   virtuous
dyr                     animal
dyreste                 the most expensive
dyrket areale           cultivatet area
dyrlege                 veterinarian
dæksmand                (see "dekkmann")
dø                      to die
dø ut                   die out
døbe                    (see "døpe") (archaic)
døbenavn                (see "døpenavn") (archaic)
døbt                    (see "døpt") (archaic)
død                     dead
død samme året          dead the same year
død året etter          dead the following year, dead the next yerar
død av                  died by
døde                    died
døde etter              died after
døde fær                died before
døde omkring            died about
dødfødt                 stillborn
dødfødte                stillborn
dødsaarsag              (see "dødsårsak")
dødsbo                  estate of a deceased person
dødsdato                date of death
dødsengel               angel of death
dødsens                 mortally
dødsfald                (see "dødsfall")
dødsfall                death, owing to bereavement
dødsleiet               deathbed
dødsår                  year of death
dødsårsak               cause of death
dødtrene                (see "døtrene")
døgn                    24-hour period of time
dømt                    sentenced (judicial)
døpe                    christen (f.eks. He was christened John after his father.)
                        (formal and in ecclesiastical language) baptize
                        (about ship) christen, name
døpenavn                christian name
døbt paa Fødselsstiftelsen     baptized at the birth clinic
døpt                    baptized, christened
dør                     dies
døtre                   daughters
døtrene                 the daughters
døyr                    (see "dør") (nn)
døv                     deaf
døvstum                 deaf and dumb
døyde                   (see "døde") (nn)
døype                   (see "døpe") (nn)
då                      (see "da")
dåp                     baptism
dåpsattest              certificate of baptism, Birth Certificate, 
                        Christian record
dåpsdag                 baptismal day



eed                     (see "ed")
ed                      oath
Enroullert              (see "innrullert")
Enroullerte             (see "innrullerte")
etc.                    et cetera, and so on (abbr)
efter                   (see "etter")
eftercommer             (see "etterkommer")
efterkommer             (see "etterkommer")
efterlader              (see "etterlater")
efterlatte              (see "etterlatte")
efterlevende            surviving
efterleverske           (see "enke") (archaic)
eftermiddag             (see "ettermiddag")
efternavn               (see "etternavn")
efterslektstavle        (see "etterslektstavle")
egen                    own (his own, her own)
egentlig                actual
egg                     egg
eggedosis               eggnog, egg-flip
eggekrem                egg custard
eggelikør               egg liqueur
eggeplomme              yolk, egg yolk
eggepunsj               eggnog
eggerøre                scrambled eggs
egle                    goad, egg on, pick a quarrel
eie,eje                 to own
eiendom                 property, real estate
eiendomsdeling          distribution of poperty in probate
eiendomsoverdraging     transfer of property
eier                    owner
eige                    (see "eie") (nn)
eigelut                 (possession (of things) (nn)
eigedomstilhøve         eigedom + tilhøve = possesions, property, estate, 
                        grounds + circumstances, conditions.
                        property condition
eigendom                (see "eiendom") (nn)
eike                    wheele spoke
eje                     (see "eie")
ejendomb                (see "eiendom")
ekkja                   (see "enka") (nn)(spoken language)
Eks.                    abbr. for "eksamen"
eksamen                 graduated
eksamen artium          degree from senior high school
ekspeditør              clerk, shop assistant
ekspeditrise            shopgirl, shop assistant, saleswoman
ekspedisjonssekretær    shipping officer
ekstraskatt             supplementary tax
ekstraskattemanntall    census type listing of those paying supplementary tax
ekte                    legitmate, to marry
ektefelle               spouse, marriage partner
ektefolk                (see "ektepar")
ektemann                husband
ektepar                 married couple
ekteskap                marriage
ektestatus              (see "ekteskapelig stilling")
ekteskapelig            marital, conjugal
ekteskapelig stilling   Marital status
ektestand               marriage, married state, conjugal state, matrimony
ekteviet                married
ekvipering              outfitting
eldre                   older
eldst                   oldest, eldest
aldste                  The Oldest
eldste klasse           oldest class
elektrikar              (see "elektriker")
elektriker              electrician
elektroteknikar         electrician
elev                    student
elgskinn                moose hide
eller                   or, or else
elleve                  eleven
ellevte                 eleventh
elv                     river, stream
embedekontor            official office, government office
embedsmand              (see "embetsmann")
embedsmænd              (see "embetsmann")
embedet                 (see "embete")
embete                  public office
embetsmann              senior civil servants (those whose position required an 
                        appointment by the "Statsråd" - a parliamentary meeting 
                        conducted by the king) or clergy member
embetsmannsarkivet      archive of senior civil servants and stae clergy
emigrant                emigrant
emigrantprotokoller     records maintained by the police in main seaports
                        of those who emigrated throught the seaport
                        Emigrasjonsprotokoller & the ships of our ancestors
emigrere                emigrate
emisær                  (see "emissær")
emissær                 emissary. travelling lay preacher
en                      a, one
enda                    so far, yet, still, although, though, even
enda en                 one more, another
ene                     alone
enebarn                 only child
England                 England
engelsk                 English
engelsk syke            rickets
englænderne             men from England = Englishmen
engløkke                enlosed medow
enhver                  each
enka                    widow (nn)
enke                    widow
enkelt                  simple, plan, unpretentious, (depends on the context)
enkemann                widower
enkemannens             widower's
enkestand               widowed
enkja                   (see "enke") (nn)
enkja er oppsagd frå bruket
                        his widow was given notice from the farm.
enkje                   (see "enke") (nn)
enkjemann               (see "enkemann") (nn)
ennu                    yet, still
enroulleret             enrolled (in the military)
enskipet                single naved (church)
enslig                  single, unmarried
entall                  singular
entl.                   (abbr for entlediget)
entlediget              dismissed, removed from office, retired
entrepenør              contractor
epidemier               Bidrag til epidemienes historie i Norge i eldre tider
epilepsi                epilepsy
eple                    apple
epleskiver              apple slices
er                      is, are
erholde                 obtained
erhverv                 livelihood
erhvervet               acquired
erkjenne                acknowledge
ermer                   arms
ernære                  (see "forsørger")
erobringen              the capturing, comquering
erter                   peas
eske                    box, case
et                      a, one
etasje                  floor, story
etat                    agency, municipal agency
                        department, service
                        government department, government service
etatsråd                ??
etatssjef               division director
etnisitet               ethnicity
ett                     one
etter                   after
etterfølger             successor
etterfølgere            successors
etterhvert              little by little
etterkommer             descendant
etterkvart              (see "etterhvert")
etterlatte              surviving, survivors
etterlater              leave (behind)
etterlevende            surviving
ettermiddag             afternoon
etternavn               surname, last name
etterslektstavle        table of descendants
ettertrykkelig          emphatically
Evangeliesange          Evangelical songs
evige Sne               perpetual snow (often used as a synonym for glacier)
eyendom                 (see "eiendom")
examen                  degree (akademic)
examen artium           degree from senior hight school
evne                    intelligence