Knutsen Family, USA

       Missing persons

Johan Severin Knudsen
6 nov 1886 Haugå, Skåre, Haugesund, Norway
dead des 1967 New Jersey, USA

Johan Severin Knudsen
Born 6 nov 1886 Hauge, Skåre, Haugesund, Norway
Bapt. 28 nov 1886 in Haugesund
Dead ?? des 1967, 07450 Ridgewood, Bergen, New Jersey, USA
SSN 092-14-5081 New York
Wife Emma ? (could she also be named Ingeborg (see later) or is this wife 2?)
Born 24 feb 1891 Kristiansand, Norway
Dead jun 1974, 11226 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
SSN 069-52-8773 New York
SSN issued in New York so they might have started their life together in New York And it seems that Emma have moved to Brooklyn after her husband’s death.
Any help?

Emigrants from Stavanger 1825-1970 says that on
1913 Mars 17, Johan S. Knudsen unmarried Steward born 1886 Haugesund left for New York (18484 303)
Emigrantar frå Stavanger 1903-1928
The census of New York, kenis 1910 says he emigrated 1907
Naturalisert in 1912

According census 1920 they lives in New York, Kings County, Brooklyn:
Knudsen, John, head of household, 33 years old, born Norway
Ingeborg, wife, 31 old, born Norway
John Call? or Koll?, son 3 1/2 old, born New York
John Knudsen is recorded as having immigrated in 1906, being a naturalized US citizen, year of naturalization was 1912.
His occupation is a Steward in the marine industry.

According to census 1930
Johan and Ingeborg was married when he was at age of 28 and she of age 26 Ingeborg immigrerte in 1910
He married in an age of 28, about 1915
The son, John Carl (?) was 13 year of age, e.g. born in 1916-1917.

According census 1930 they live in New Jersey, Bergen County, Ridgefield Park village on Roosevelt Avenue.
Knudson Johan, head of household, 42 yrs old
Ingeborg, wife, 40
John, son, 13
Johan is working as a Steward on a private yacht.

His son, John Carl, becomes a doctor???


Adresses known in 1958:

Cousin (daughter of Ebba (sister to Emma) was
Miss Edna Thorsen
Adress 102-75th Street, Brooklyn, New York, ?
born 13 may 1909
dead 10 sep 2003, (V) 08759 Whiting, Ocean, New Jersey (retirment community?)
SSN 066-10-6799 New York
phone BE 8-2271 (Address in 1958)
Ebba amd Thorbjørn emigration in 1907 from Kristiansand
Ebba amd Edna and Thorbjørn emigration in 1910 from Kristiansand
1900-telling for Kristiansand

According to the Ellis Island Records, Ingeborg arrived in New York on Dec.20,1910.

Her maiden name was Ingeborg Roland.
She was going to her married sister Ebba Thompsen.

Ebba Thompsen arrived in New York on Oct.5,1910
She had two children with her ~
Thorbjorn ? Thompsen – Male – age 3yrs 6 mos
Edna Helena Thorsen – female – age 11 mos.

Ebba was going to her husband Eivar or Einar Thompsen at 260 42 ST. South Brooklyn, New York.
Ellis Island records show Ebba was previously in New York for the year 1907 and 1909

Father name of Ingeborg and Ebba was Ole Roland.


Johan Knudsen,
114 Roosevelt Ave., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, phone Hubbard 7-6872 i Hackensack.

John Knutsen,
48 Park Ave., Teaneck, New Jersey, phone Teaneck 6-5787

Address in 1984:

John Knutsen,
415 Oak St., Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450 USA

Some Persons and adresses that might be related

Knudsen, John
9 Anne Ter
South Amboy, NJ 08879-1903


Knutsen, John D
6 Kimberly Ct
Red Bank, NJ 07701-5034

See also Ebba, Emma og Thorbjørn Thompson fra Kristiansand 21.09.1910 (SF_DIS-Norge)

The desencdant for some of the family in Norway and abroad

Some familyphoto (not sure about the names)

John Knudsen in 1924

Johan and Emma in 1920

Emanda and_Leif in 1934


Emma and Johan Knudsen in 1926


Johan Knudsen and crew in 1925


Emma Knudsen in 1926


John_Knudsen in ??


Johan_Knutsen in ??

Does anybody have more information about this Family?